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Business fail or succeed due to many reasons. To be sure you are on the winning side of this statement, you need Business Overhead Expense Protection (BOEP).
This type of protection could very well be the most important protection you will need in order to guarantee your longevity success in your business.

Here is how it works.

If you become disabled, sick or injured, have a serious surgery or procedure; like, Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, Blindness, Kidney or Organ Transplant, or much more, and DO NOT DIE, the insurance companies will pay you up to $250,000 while you are still alive to help you replace lost income, pay your business Overhead Expenses each month until the $250,000 is paid in full.

Example:  A-Z Heating and Air has 5 trucks, 10 employees, a warehouse and office, $30,000 receivables, which average $25,000 a month in Business Overhead Expenses.  Bob the owner has a heart attack requiring 5 by-passes and due to complications, a lengthy hospital stay, therapies, and a lengthy home recuperation.  Bob has health insurance and a short-term disability plan.  He thought that was all he needed in case of an emergency.

Bob had a $9,000 deductible and $20,000 coinsurance bill to pay.  His disability paid nothing until he was totally disabled for 90 days, then it paid 60% of his base w-2 salary or if he was a 1099 employee it paid 60% of wages, he reported on his IRS Tax Return the previous year.

All these expenses are being paid by his company, if possible, plus he need to promote his best employee to a management position to take place while he was home recuperating.  His overhead is skyrocketing and depleting his company reserves.  What is Bob to do?  Can he stay in business?  Will he return to work?

Remedy for every business owner and key employee if something like this happened to you.  Our Business Overhead Expense Protector can help most businesses survive these catastrophes by electing to cover the owner and Partners, if any, and any key employees they need to cover.

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    Most owners just cover themselves.

    The average cost for this full coverage plan is $138.15 per month. Half of these benefits on a budget plan is $72.23 per month. You cannot afford to be without this level of insurance company to guarantee the longevity of your business.


    Before you decide, get price quotes, and contact your local independent insurance agent to see if you’d qualify for Business Overhead Protection.

    Call to get an exact quote for your age.

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