Discover the Living Benefits Life Insurance

Upgrade to Living Benefits Life Insurance, the new policy post-COVID offering double the benefits and covering essential family needs, including education, mortgage, car payments, and lost income.

Living Benefits Life Insurance

This is the New Life Insurance Policy since COVID. You should consider this coverage and upgrade your old life insurance to this New Coverage. The monthly premium is about what your current plan is and you get double the benefits. The average amount of coverage a family of 4 needs is $3,000,000. $1,500,000 for the husband and $1,500,000 for the wife. This will take care of your family needs. A few things to consider are: Educations for the children, pay off the mortgage, pay off the cars, credit cards, recuperate lost income for the spouse who died prematurely, and any other debt.

Living Benefits

More than 50% of all foreclosures & Long Term Disabilities, are due to a family member having one of many Critical Illnesses; like, a Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, Organ Transplant, New Living Blindness, Kidney Failure, Accidents, and much more. With this New Type of Life Insurance, the Companies will pay you up-to $250,000 if you require 90-days of recuperation because you cannot perform at least 2 of the Daily Acts of Living for 90-days. This money can be used to replace lost income or even pay-down or pay-off your mortgage. This is not a loan you must pay back. It is part of your new benefit package. No Interest, No Pay-Back, yours to spend how you want to.

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    People are living longer than ever before. They will still have Critical Illnesses, Accidents, and Sicknesses before they die. The difference today is they probably will not die from most of these occurrences, they will live. The sad part is they will live with lack of finances because they did not take action to buy coverage that took care of them if they lived through these circumstances.


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