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Indexed Universal Life Insurance for Retirement: Secure your retirement goals with a $1,500,000 benefit payout that provides flexibility for your family's financial needs.

Retirement Benefits with Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Retirement Benefits with Indexed Universal Life Insurance. This policy helps you reach your retirement goals several ways. 1. If you die prematurely, your family will be paid the benefits you applied for when the policy was issued. Let’s assume that is $1,500,000. The family can take it all at once or increase the pay-out by taking the money as income for several years to come.

Living Benefits

More than 50% of all foreclosures & Long Term Disabilities, are due to a family member having one of many Critical Illnesses; like, a Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, Organ Transplant, New Living Blindness, Kidney Failure, Accidents, and much more. With this New Type of Life Insurance, the Companies will pay you up-to $250,000 if you require 90-days of recuperation because you cannot perform at least 2 of the Daily Acts of Living for 90-days. This money can be used to replace lost income or even pay-down or pay-off your mortgage. This is not a loan you must pay back. It is part of your new benefit package. No Interest, No Pay-Back, yours to spend how you want to.

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    The best part of this policy is that it accrues interest. Compounding interest. The companies take the index of the S&P 500 and track the Ups and Downs of the market. You get paid interest when the companies track the market and a positive credit is made you get paid interest at the end of that year. This is the part you are going to love. When the market take a turn for the worst the companies do not take your principle and interest away; they just credit you zero percent and you do not suffer the losses. That is great news, to get paid when there is a positive and pay nothing when things go south.


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